TourEng Project – Training session


15-19 October 2018 – Regensburg Germany

During the week all partners discussed the importance of having appealing training materials for training and also give competences to all the facilitators of the project, related with tourism industry, to create their own video contents.

The main aim of these training sessions were to teach and practice how to create training materials with theoric principles and using their own devices to create videos:

  • How to define the message
  • Principles to create the script and storyboard
  • Recording
  • Editing

Training for Coaches

10-14 September 2018 – Regensburg Germany

During all week from 10.09.2018 to 14.09.2018, the learning activity for coaches took place in Regensburg, involving a team of 21 trainers and trainees.

Toureng Project in Lisbon

5-6 July 2018 – Lisboa Portugal

On 5 and 6 July StoryTellme hosted the second meeting of the Project Toureng,  at ETIC facilities in Lisbon. Partners explained and presented the overall status, goals and expectations of the first technical work: scenes and scripts.

MultiEnt Project – Second meeting

14-15 June 2018 – Nicosia Cyprus

The second partnership meeting was held 14-15th of June at Nicosia Cyprus, received by the partner GrantXpert. All partners attended the meeting. The two main outcomes addressed at the meeting were two IOs (Intelectual Output):

  • IO1 – Handbook for Coaches
  • IO2 – Handbook for Entrepreneurs

Was also discussed the IO3 Online Support Development.


Toureng: Improve english in Tourism

26-27 February 2018 – Ankara Turkey

The first international meeting of the TourENG project was held in Ankara, Turkey.

This project TourENG wants to improve the use of English in Tourism Organizations , contributing to “a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment inside the organization: ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities”. The results of the project will have impact on employees involved as well as organizations, such as: • increased competence in foreign languages; • increased level of digital competence; ” as well as better understanding of interconnections between formal, non-formal education, vocational training, other forms of learning and labor market respectively; • increased opportunities for professional development; • increased motivation and satisfaction in daily work.

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Heads-up: Second meeting

23-24 January 2018: Second meeting of Heads-up project occurs in Rijeka, Croatia.

Last week, the HEADS-UP meeting was held in Rijeka and was followed up by the press. In Croatia, a very small number of activities are directed towards the resistance of radicalization and for that reason it is not surprising that the main purpose of the project and project activities are published in daily newspapers.


Heads-Up projectl aunched in Lisbon

17-18 October 2017 . The partnership lead Creative Exchange launched HEADS-UP project to help at risk young adults from online threats.

Creative Exchange UK is to lead HEADS-UP, an EU funded project, that aims to support teachers and front line workers dealing with young adults at risk from online threats and radicalisation.
The rise of the internet as a primary entertainment and information platform has enabled fast and free access to people’s devices through social media, video and games. This virtual cosmos provides unlimited opportunities for sexual predators, political and quasi-religious fanatics, and Internet trolls intent on grooming young people who are most often the primary target audience.
These are all issues that front line educators and youth workers are expected to address with their target groups. Young adults need support in any type of education but the vast and ever developing online world poses many challenges and potential dangers.
The HEADS-UP project, which will initially run until late 2019, aims to build the skills of front line workers through in-service training and a series of simulated videos that explicitly demonstrate those online threats. This practical, user friendly set of resources will enable educators to support their target groups more effectively by teaching them how to identify and address potential radicalisation and grooming tactics.
Creative Exchange has European partners from Ireland, Portugal, Croatia, Cyprus, Spain, Denmark and Czech Republic involved in the project to ensure the widest possible roll-out of the training.

The European Projects

Storytellme is actually participating in three projects, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
Storytellme has a team highly experienced in the development of European projects since 1998.